Picture requirements for cargo destined to Mainland China


 We process all transactions through PL Plastics LLC under our Master AQSIQ (A840041818) and all B/Ls entering China will show PL Plastic LLC as supplier.




Since September 1, 2006, an electronic system processes the documentation regarding CCIC certificate. CCICNA will strictly enforce the rules for the entire process, including all suppliers must provide as a minimum the first 3 digital photos described below for each container.


Detailed picture requirements are as follows:



Here are some sample pictures:






      apcu464271A.jpg                                            apcu464271B.jpg      





   apcu464271C.jpg                                            apcu464271D.jpg

                                                                                        (ONLY if material is packed

                                                                                        in Gaylords or Supersacks)






        Prefer one individual email per container with 3 pictures.

        The email subject must specify booking number or PO number with the container number. For example, YCL111625 TGHU8146540. YCL111625 TRLU5777557.

        Each picture shall be named by container number with the suffix A, B, C to indicate 3 files. For example, TGHU8146540A.jpg, TGHU8146540B.jpg, TGHU8146540C.jpg.


Failure to follow the above rules will result in rejection from CCIC to issue the certificate and hence, the cargo will not be allowed to enter Mainland China.


We realize this may be an inconvenience to you, but your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. Any question, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you!